Installation case for construction machinery:

The installation case of Xishaomen Construction Site of Kaiyuan Market in Xi’an city
The effects analysis for “Janenope” diesel oil purifier used on Xishaomen Construction Site

1. Description for basic condition
1. The name and type of the equipment:
Riye KH125 excavator, its value is 4 million, and it has been used for 6 years. It is in good condition for the user takes proactive maintenance seriously.




Choose for the diesel fuel

Choose the best one, which is 6.40yuan/L,the highest price in the domestic market

The price keeps the same during the experiment

Filter for the diesel fuel

Dual filter


Usage status for the diesel fuel  

Each time fill diesel oil valued1200RMB

The same diesel oil was used during the whole experiment procedure.

2. Experiment condition:
1. The Model of the purifier: THY-210A diesel oil purifier
2. The construction site and geology keeps the same during the whole experiment--- that means water, yellow mud, and sand are excavated during the whole experiment procedure.
3. The operator is the same person during the whole experiment procedure.
4. The unified standard for each well is h41m*φ0.7m.

  1. The refueling situation keeps the same: The amount and unit price for refueling keeps the same each time.

3. Experiment date
The THY-210A diesel oil purifier is installed on Mar 28, 2008, the whole experiment lasts for 35 days, actually the product was used for 25 days for 10 days no work.
2、Comparison on installation effects:


Before Using

After Using


Running condition of the equipment

the machine runs properly

the machine runs smoother

On the second day, the machine runs easily, and the engine turned to be more powerful.

Discharge of Tail Gas

Black smoke is not distinct.

Black smoke reduced obviously

Almost no tail gas emissions

Usage statues for lube oil

case of engine oil burnt happened


Data uncollected

Sound of the engine

a bit loud engine noise

soft voices

several days later

Usage statues of the diesel filter

Diesel filter need to be changed every half year


Data uncollected for short time

Total cost for using   oil

6934 RMB was costed, and 34 wells was excavated

18679 RMB was costed, and 100 wells was excavated

Data collected before installing the diesel oil purifier

Oil cost for each well excavated

204 RMB

169.8 RMB

34.2 RMB was saved for excavating each well

Works for each tank of diesel fuel

5.8 wells was excavated

7.05 wells was excavated

1200 RMB for each refueling

3. Analysis on economic efficiencies: 
The experiment shows “Janenope” diesel oil purifier has the effects of prolonging the service life for engine, reducing the maintenance cost, extending the maintenance cycle, purifying tail gas and saving oil.
For oil-saving, take the oil cost for excavating each well to calculate, results is below:
Each well saves oil cost 34.2 RMB, and it should have cost 204 RMB in the past.

Oil-saving rate: 16.76%