Since several years, experts in the lubricant management field from all over the country, discussing through and through, draw a conclusion that lubricating oil is contaminated, commonly, by the following causes:


   (1)mechanism impurity (2) chemical pollution (3) water content. The result of contamination is the change of color, viscidity and flash point of lubricating oil. Viscidity and flash point are important indexes for judging the quality of lubricating oil but not contamination degree of mechanism impurity on the one hand. On the other hand, the change of these three indexes, from the point of physics, can directly arouse the change of dielectric constant in oil, that is to say, the three indexes can be detected by inspecting dielectric constant of lubricating oil, which means that we can judge the contamination degree of lubricating oil by testing its dielectric constant.

   At present, for quality control and contamination measurement, the testing methods include action spectrum, microscope and spectrophotometer, which has been done widely in the foreign countries. While dielectric constant analysis method is simpler and more common. The main method of measuring contaminated lubricating oil in our country is atom absorption or atom eradiation spectrum, iron spectrum and granule determination, which is expensive and cannot measure out door.

   Researchers of our company have developed THY-series oil quality analysis instrument through several years' efforts, which adopt modern measurement technology, SCM brainpower control, new apparatus parts and technique. This instrument can test the quality of lubricating oil by detecting its dielectric constant, and determine when to change lubricating oil. By this way this product in China basically solved the device management problem of 'when to change the oil', and enabled users to change the lube oil based on its quality not on a regular time basis. Thereby attain the aims of saving oil and forecast equipment malfunction in the lubricant management. With high precision sensor, this instrument can  test 180 kinds of lubricants in groovy 10 mainstreams under the stand of system software through conforming forward collection circuit and backward circuit which has the core of high capability SCM, Also it can provide the standard of measuring special lubricants that its standard scope is set by users, real time detection of water content in oil, MZ and data location function, etc. this instrument is well-known by high sensitivity, steady capability, high distinguish rate, high repeatability, real time LCD, touching keyboard, sonic control prompt and software control. It is a new lubricant inspection instruments, which has the advantages of high brainpower, simple manipulation, small volume and lightweight.