Oil Quality Analyzer
  ◆  Determining the degree of contaminate in lubricants within 5 minutes
  ◆  Detecting the percentage of water content in lubricants within 3 minutes
  ◆  Detecting metal particles beyond 60μm
  ◆  Determining whether the newly purchased lubricant is qualified
  ◆  Detecting the percentage of water content without standard sample oil


As portable instruments researched and developed by Xi'an Tianhou Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, THY-series oil quality analyzers can determine the contaminated degree of lubricants on site for oil replacement. Moreover, the instruments can detect whether the newly purchased lubricant is qualified for use. Being the sophisticated inspection instruments, our THY-series oil quality analyzers can enable enterprises to protect their equipments, save energy, strength the management of lubricants and change oil based on its quality. The instruments won the second prize of the Military Science and Technology Progress Award in 2001, were authorized four national patents in 2002 and received the honor of the National Innovation Fund Award in 2006. So far they have been applied to various fields such as aero-space, oil field, ports, transport, mine, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry and engineering plant.


detecting the water content & comprehensive
contamination degree of used oil


With the function of temperature compensation
Suit for field operation


More amity graphical interface and convenient operation


economical & practical
characteristiced with high quality and competitive price



Portable, handheld model
user-friendly operation, more intuitive


no need zero adjustment
good stability,easy to operate