Installation case for Zhejiang Shipu Bay

Experiments at Zhejiang Shipu Bay: Installed "Janenope" Boston series, the fishing boats with high oil consumption changed into low oil consumption shipping boats.

Boat man Lubin Wang has two fishing boats: No. 50115 and No. 50116, the No. 50115 has higher oil consumption than No. 50116 all the time. Ex. If No. 50116 consumes 100 barrels oil, No 50115 need to consume 102~103 barrels oil ( 190 L/Barrel).

On Nov. 7, 2006, a "Janenope" Boston diesel oil purifier was installed on the higher oil consumption fishing boat No. 50115 upon the approval of Boat man Lubin, Wang. Late in May, 2007, Chief Engineer measured oil consumption of No. 50115 and No. 50116 with flow meter. During the period of 17:00 PM on May 20 to 8:00 AM May 30. The oil consumption of No. 50115 is 7,302.5L, while No. 50116 is 7,486.06L.