Name:   Oil Quality Analyzer
Brand:   THY
Model:  THY-20CD
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Ⅰ.Product Description:  

THY-120CD Oil Quality Analyzer is new generation on the basis of THY-20C. This product is mainly used for measuring the contaminated degree of lubricants, basically solved the problem of 'when to change lubricants', and enabled users to change the lubricating oil based on oil quality not on a regular time basis, besides, it can detect the percentage of water content without sample oil. This instrument is easy to operate in no need of technicians, which can work continuously for 28 hours with DC or AC.

Main Functions:
◆Determining the degree of contaminate in lubricants within 3 min
◆Detecting metal particles beyond 60μm
◆Determining whether the newly purchased lubricant is qualified
◆Detecting the percentage of water content without standard sample oil
Mian Features: 1. Both AC and DC operational condition are ok with the dry battery inbuilt
2. The portable metal mini-case contributes to a convenient on-site inspection
Product Advantages:

◆The quick test realizes an "oil replace based on quality"
◆The rechargeable and portable characteristic enables an "on site operation"
◆The stability and high resolution guarantees an "accurate measurement"
◆The large screen showing english words ensures an "easy-to-read/understand"

Technical Specifications:
Range: 0, ±99.9μA
Repeatability: ≤±2%
Temperature: -20℃~+55℃
Power: ≤5W
Voltage: 220V±10%
Size: 285×220×115mm

Ⅱ.Main Benefits:  
    Saves you time, money, breakdowns.
    Accurately measures quality of oil in service.
    Shows total contamination of lubricant.
    Allows you to safely judge how long the oil can stay in service.
    Determines safe and cost effective oil and filter change intervals.
    Enables you to safely extend oil change intervals.
    Detects Water contamination in lubricant.
    Alerts you to potential equipment malfunction and/or failure before it happens.
    Saves frequent and unnecessary lab tests - it tells you when and if you need a lab test.

    For the present THY-20CD oil quality analyzer is applied to various fields such as aerospace, oil field, ports, transport, mine, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry and engineering plant., etc.