"Program on Tianhou energy conservation and emission reduction" approved by the appraisal of provincial science and technology department

2009-10-22 12:19:44  Source: tianhou

  On Oct 10, 2009, an evaluation panel consisting of 7 experts in fields of diesel engines, filters and oil quality study organized by Shaanxi Science & Technology Bureau, performed an evaluation of Hi-Tech achievement on the "diesel purifying and saving program" launched by Xi'an Tianhou company.

    The specialists went through relevant technical data on enterprise standard; test reports, novelty search reports and the like. After inquiry and discussion, all experts reach the consensus that the filtration technology of the "Janenope" diesel oil purifier made by Tianhou company had not only made a major breakthrough in the field of diesel fuel purifying technology but had the functions of protecting engine effectively, reducing maintenance cost, lowering emissions from vehicles, and saving oil by 5%-10%. all the experts present affirmed the technology had attained the national advanced level.

    "Janenope" diesel oil purifier series have the advantages of multi-level integrated filtration, high filtration precision and efficiency, longer cycle for changing filtering core, small original resistance, and large flow. The invention can effectively filter more than 90% harmful impurities in diesel oil, protect cylinder, piston ring, nozzle, fuel injection system, and fuel injection pump, etc., and prolong the service life of diesel engine by reducing machine failure times,
increasing engine power and the like, radically solved the problems of engine service life being shorten, failure rate, energy consumption, and emissions increasing caused by contaminated diesel.

    The approval of "program on energy conservation and emission reduction" by the provincial appraisal this time marks the diesel purifying technology of “Janenope” diesel oil purifier has approved by domestic experts of authority. Experts hope this technology can be promoted and applied soon so as to push forward energy-saving and emission-reducing development, relieve the air pollution and energy-waste problem due to contaminated diesel fuel, in further promoting the economic sustainable development.