2008China(Jinan)international Truckard Accessory Exhibition

2010-08-19 11:19:44 Source: tianhou

By the China International Trade Promotion Committee, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Jinan Municipal People's Government, Shandong Automobile Industry Association, China Trade Promotion Committee and the China International Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the 2008 China (Jinan) International trucks and parts and components exhibition in the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center opened.ubject of this exhibition is "energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and development."

Tianhou invited participants, during the exhibition "janenope" series of products are highly recognized by the participants.The product not only in the filtering technology has made a major breakthrough, while the effective protection of the engine, reducing maintenance costs, reduce emissions and save 5% -20% of diesel and oil-water separator has a good function, access to a number of awards, the National Innovation Fund, military scientific and technological progress second prize, was awarded 68 national patents.


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