TianHou Take part in the 2008 China International Patent Tec

2010-08-19 11:19:44  Source: tianhou

2008 take part in this international fair has designed hundreds of domestic and foreign vendors and their agents, displaying their products in the mechanical, chemical, energy saving and environmental protection industries, prominent display of its technical innovation and technical superiority.
Tianhou THY series production, "Oil Quality Monitor", with its rational structure, good detection performance, access to participants praised, and received the gold medal. Since from Belarus, Ukraine and our participants had a friendly talk, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention, at the same time with the relevant business cooperation agreement has been reached. "THY series Oil Quality Analyzer" is the protection of equipment, energy conservation, the achievement of "oil replace based on quality" Detect an indispensable instrument.
The product has also received more than 30 national patents and a number of awards, are widely used in: aerospace, oil fields, ports, transport, mining, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, engineering machinery and other fields.


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