Customers from India to TianHou for business talks

2010-08-19 10:49:01  Source: tianhou

July 6, 2007, India UDEYRAJ ELECTRICALS PVT. LTD.'s Mr. Rajendra Goliya visit TianHou Company. Oil Quality Analyzer on both sides of the research, development, production, marketing and other fields of in-depth and exchange. TianHou Mr. Goliya R & D and production THY series Oil Quality Analyzer had a keen interest. Mr. Rajendra Goliya said, TianHou research and development company THY Oil Quality Analyzer lubricants market in India has great potential, and then buy a TianHou's THY-18F Oil Quality Analyzer, and I signed a long-term sales agent protocol
Figure 1 is a chief engineer for the customer TianHou introduction THY Series Oil Quality Analyzer Principles and techniques of the target job. Mr. Goliya he THY Series Oil Quality Analyzer in the Indian market prospects.



 Figure 2 for the Engineer Company TianHou a live demonstration for the client THY Series Oil Quality Analyzer operating procedures, Goliya Mr. THY Series Oil Quality Analyzer for rapid detection of water features that amazing.


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