Program on Tianhou energy conservation and emission reduction wins multimillion of national innovation fund

2010-08-19 11:19:44  Source: tianhou

  In November 2009, the first batches of programs on National Innovation Funds for Technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise were published by Inno-Fund Admin Center. Program on energy conservation and emission reduction launched by Tianhou company was listed in National Innovation Assistance programs, and won 1,030,000 RMB for free subsidy. It shows an approval from National ministries and concerned experts for Tianhou diesel oil purifying contributed greatly to energy conservation and emission reduction

  Xi'an Tianhou company was established in 1992, which has been dedicated to research and produce oil quality analyzers and diesel oil purifying devices.

  To boost the idea of energy-saving and emissions-reducing and meet market demand, Tianhou company insists on the mind of science & technology technical innovation, and has developed Hi-Tech marketable products guided by national policies relying on our strong research ability over the past years.

  The successful obtaining of National Innovation Fund Program this time, not only financed us in researching new energy-saving and emission-reducing programs, also affirmed our achievements in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction with diesel purifying technology. Thereby the promotion and application of diesel fuel purifying technology have been propelled effectively in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction.